What you have to know about processing agreements.

Whenever controllers let suppliers process personal data a processing agreement is always mandatory. In the best case these agreements are created and kept in a uniform manner. Making it nearly impossible to forget. Keep in mind that processing data is rather quickly considered as processing personal data, for example trivial tasks such as accessing data for HR purposes is seen as processing of personal data.

Your processing agreements are generated automatically.

Our software automatically generates your processing agreements. You no longer have to think about them and can focus on your core business.

  • Generated based on suppliers linked to processing activities in your processing registry.
  • All information is constantly kept up-to-date in a generic processing agreement and a processing agreement per processing activity.
  • We can send your generated processing agreement automatically to your suppliers.
Processing agreements are generated automatically.

Interested in generating your processing agreements using Co-Dex.eu?

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Interested in generating your processing agreements using Co-Dex.eu?
All processing agreements visible on a dashboard

All processing agreements visible in one smart dashboard.

With our dashboard you can track the situation of your organisation efficiently.

  • A quick view of which suppliers have a processing agreement with your organisation.
  • A notice when your organisation is missing a mandatory processing agreement.
  • An indication on what kind of processing agreement there is: processor, controller or joint-controller.