What you need to know about the processing registry.

In order to align with the GDPR every organisation is required to have an overview of all processing activities that process personal data & over which the organisation has control. This processing registry should be kept up-to-date with all the necessary information on processing activities at all times. This makes creating & updating such a processing registry much more than a one-off task and for many organisations a huge challenge. Co-Dex.eu helps your organisation to create and update your processing registry.

Predefined & prefilled templates.

Creating a processing registry can be a labor intensive job. We make it as easy as possible for you.

  • Utilize our database full of predefined templates. Cannot find the one you need? We will create it for you!
  • All of our templates are prefilled with “sensible default values”. Keeping your work at an absolute minimum.
  • Suppliers and key-persons within your organisation are automatically linked with your processing activities based on specific roles & services.
Predefined & prefilled templates for the processing register

Start creating your processing register with Co-Dex.eu today!

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Start creating your processing register with Co-Dex.eu today!
A clear view on your central processing register

A clear view on your organisation at all times!

Our dashboards provides an overview of the actual situation within your organisation.

  • All processing activities within one dynamic overview
  • A clear picture of which suppliers are processor or controller for which processing activities.
  • A informative overview of which processing agreements your organisation is using and which processing agreements it is missing.
  • A quick view on which data-subjects are linked to which processing activities.
  • Dynamic and at all times integrated with your automatic privacy policies.