Wat u need to know about the cookie law

According to the cookie law you are not only required to ask permission before using non-essential cookies but also to inform what cookies you use by means of a cookie policy. So called non-essential cookies can only be activated after visitors grant explicit consent.

Co-Dex.eu monitors your cookies.

Our software regularly scans your website(s) looking for cookies you are using.

  • We identify all cookies activated on your website(s) by default.
  • We provide a clear overview of these cookies for your webmaster.
  • After your webmaster fixes potential issues the cookies can automatically be published to your integrated cookie policy.
  • Your automatically generated cookie policy can be linked on your website. Our software keeps it up-to-date.
Website Cookie scan

Need help aligning with the cookie law?

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Need help aligning with the cookie law?
Cookies under control with automation

We take automation seriously.

Our software requires one-time input of information and uses it as efficiently as possible.

  • We identify the cybersecurity level of your organisation and help you get to the next level.
  • We help your organisation with creating a central processing registry and keeping it up to date.
  • We automatically create a cookie and privacy policy which you can use to communicate transparently to your users, customers & employees.
  • We automate assessments on different assets you use to run your website.