We help organisations raising the bar on their cyber security.

How do you know your ICT-landscape is safe? Are you certain all of your suppliers are following the highest standards? Co-Dex.eu offers tools to follow this closely and change course when necessary. Just one of these tools are our diverse automatice scans.

Keep your website closely monitored using our security scan.

Our automatic scans monitor your website(s) on regular basis & bundle their feedback in our software.

  • We check on the presence of security headers.
  • We check on industry standard measures such as: https, tls-version, cipher algorithms, …
  • We check on CVE’s (Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures) for example: The usage of a wordpress version with a known security issue.
Automatic website security scan

Ready to lift the cyber security of your organisation to the next-level?

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Ready to lift the cyber security of your organisation to the next-level?
Automatic email security scan

Keep your email domain closely monitored with our automatic scans.

In order to secure your email traffic your organisation can take several measures. We scan your email domein and inform you where to improve.

  • We check for the presence of security features against phishing. These can be used by your recipients to check the integrity of your emails.
  • We monitor the presence of a secured email connection. This ensures all mail traffic is encrypted and extremely difficult to intercept by attackers.
  • We check your DNS settings for configurations that make it easier for attackers to manipulate your IP-address in such a way that they can forward emails to their own mail server.

Scan your workstations for security issues.

Your workstations are some of the most dynamic attack vectors of your organization. Think of working from home, internet connectivity, access to many systems … Co-Dex.eu helps you:

  • Measure your workstations based on scripts.
  • Direct feedback to the administrator of non-compliances.
  • The lenses become measurable without confronting you with the technical complexity.
Workstation security scans