What you need to know about incidents

An efficient incident management policy within the field of cyber and privacy security is of great importance to every organisation. Knowing when your organisation is legally required to communicate to datasubject or authorities about an incident is only a small part of your responsibility. Within your day to day business knowing where your weaknesses lie based on the cause analysis of previous incidents is of crucial importance. What you don’t know, you cannot fix.

Did you know that a breach of personal-data is legally required to be reported to datasubjects an the data protection authority within 72 hours? Did you know that governments can assists with cyber incidents?

While being prepared and handling incidents well is not a guarantee that no incidents will happen, it can and will lower the chances and limit the impact of incidents considerably.

A detailed plan of approach is not only important for many organisations it is in many cases legally required.

Incident registration

We are your partner in preparation of possible incidents.

We offer several services that not only help in preparation of incidents but also help to prevent incidents.

  • We offer structured processes for specific incidents such as ransomware incidents for example..
  • We can help raise user awareness by informing your employees on recognizing and reporting of potential incidents.
  • We offer a personal-data breach process: risk-driven and an integrated approach of incident response with regards to personal data.
  • We can help your organisation with incident readiness assessments for specific threats. These help pinpointing where improvements are necessary.

Your incident registration step by step

Whenever an incident occurs an incident registration can be a stressful task. Our software guides you step by step through the process.

  • Identify the processing activities in scope based on the impacted assets and their relationship to the processing activities in your registry.
  • Impacted datatypes, data subjects & processing risks are automatically distilled from known information.
  • We give an initial estimation of the impact of the incident. Of course further fine-tuning is possible.
Incident registration step by step

Interested in how we can help with your incident registrations?

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Interested in how we can help with your incident registrations?
Automatic estimation of the incident

Automatic estimation of the incident based on known information.

Our software gathers an extensive amount of data. We can automate quite a lot of the incident registration process using this data.

  • We automatically know which processing activities are in scope based on the impacted assets.
  • We identify types of leaked information, data subjects & involved parties based on data in your processing activity registry.
  • We provide an initial risk assessment based on data types, amount and type of data subjects.
  • We automatically generate a PDF which you can send to your data protection authority and if needed to the concerned data subjects.