All your data at a glance in

Our records of processing activities, assets, policy, suppliers, website scans, email scans, etc. Integrating into our platform may seem like a lot of work, but it’s not necessarily true. We have built an automatic process that gives your organization a boost within

Collecting data in your organization.

Identify your organization within at a glance thanks to our organization management module.

  • Add basic contact information.
  • You can easily invite your users and assign the correct rights & roles.
  • Identifier fox fournisseurs au sein de votre système n’a jamais été aussi simple. La plupart du temps, votre fournisseur est déjà connu dans notre système et vous n’avez qu’à sélectionner le bon fournisseur.
  • Choose the roles and services of your users and providers from a predefined list.
Quick onboarding for MSP's

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Eager to start off with
processing activities, assets, assessments, scans created automatically

All your processing activities, assets, assessments, scans & policies added in one simple process.

We kickstart with minimal input with a simple straightforward process.

  • Choose the processing activities that are relevant for your organisation and we will create them automatically.
  • Our suppliers will automatically be linked to your processing activities based on the supplier services defined in the organisation management module. Consequently all necessary processing agreements are automatically created.
  • Inventariseer uw assets en wij maken er automatisch assessments voor aan.
  • Enter your websites and email domains and we automatically create assessments and schedule security & cookie scans.