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Customers want a reliable partner. Someone who treats their personal data with care. GDPR compliance is a must, but for a lot of companies it’s also a complex and often expensive story. It shouldn’t be. Co-Dex.eu gets you started safely and easily. 

  • Out-of-the-box digital GDPR compliance management without hefty implementation.
  • One convenient online tool for all your privacy-sensitive data, data processing operations and processors, processing contracts and processes.
  • Automated compliance assessments and risk management.
  • Customers, users, suppliers and third parties centrally linked to data processing.
  • Privacy and cookie policy always up-to-date, online and offline.
  • Continuous data security scans and tailored data security advice.
  • Ideal multi-client platform for Data Protection Officers (DPO).
  • Seamless integration with ISO27000, NIST-800, Cloud security Alliance & Cyber fundamentals.
Centraal gegevensverwerkingsregister​

Online data processing register

Easily create and update a digital personal data register required for GDPR with all personal data processing. Use GDPR compliant templates, automatically link suppliers and key persons and automatically generate your privacy policy.

Automatische verwerkingsovereenkomsten​

Automated processing agreements

Based on the central data register and the roles of your suppliers, automatically generate uniform data processing agreements that comply with the legal provisions of the GDPR and limit your liability.

Data security scans​

Data security scans

Keep your site, emails and computers safe with our comprehensive automatic data security scans that give you an immediate actionable overview of the vulnerabilities and exposures found.

Cookie wetgeving​

Cookie legislation

Scan your website to get an overview of all active cookies and automatically publish an up-to-date cookie policy and privacy policy that informs visitors, and lets you manage your settings.

Incident registratie​

Incident registration

Map out possible causes and impact of incidents so you can respond appropriately to users and the Data Protection Authority (DPA). You have a data leak? Our processes, documents and experts will help you quickly.

Data Subject Access Requests​

Data Subject Access Requests

Give individuals who request it quick access to the personal data your organization retains about them. Find, verify and modify that data, and make it securely available for review.


Camera Surveillance

Get an overview of your use of cameras, adjust communications and contracts, and link them to the central processing registry for a correct and conclusive use of camera surveillance within the GDPR as well as camera legislation.

Makkelijk en snel aan de slag met uw gegevens​

Get to grips with your data easily and quickly

Enter users and suppliers with roles and permissions, link suppliers with operations and get started with the automatically generated scans, assessments, and data processing agreements.

Wondering how we'll get you GDPR compliant quickly but effectively?

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Wondering how we'll get you GDPR compliant quickly but effectively?

Why choose Co-Dex.eu?

Accessible GDPR compliance, better data security.
Compliance zonder frustratie.​

Compliance management without frustration.

Most GDPR solutions require time-consuming audits and expensive implementations and integrations. Our model is not based on hourly billed legal consulting. We analyzed the standard legal requirements and molded them into an actionable framework for you.

Uitgekiend systeem van rollen en rechten​

Clever system of roles and rights

Different parties and their processing of personal data are linked to the central online data processing register. Out of our available standard profiles, templates, policies and processes, you activate what you need for your business, while always having the ability to adjust as needed


Time-saving automations

To alleviate the time-consuming compliance assessments, we built automations. In the background, continuous compliance scans monitor assets, and inform the responsible person (e.g. supplier) immediately when and where action is advised.

Cloud platform met gratis instap​

Cloud platform with a free startup

With our modern and integrated cloud platform you avoid the frustrating maintaining of Excel tables and mismatched templates. All your privacy and data security information is contained in a clearly structured online overview that expands with your organization.

Sterk beveiligd​

Highly secured

For comprehensive security, all our systems run on European servers and we have taken the necessary technical and organizational measures to offer an operationally secure platform. Measures such as 2-factor authentication, encryption before writing to storage, penetration testing, efficient patching, … ensure that your personal data is protected.

Direct aan slag​

Get started right away

Co-Dex.eu is known for its extremely fast and efficient onboarding of new organizations. Without time-consuming audits or heavy implementations, you’ll be up and running with your data quickly.

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Try Co-Dex.eu for free.
The cloud platform only requires a browser without additional software installations.

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