Use what you need, pay only what you use

Whether you are a small or a large organization, your needs and resources will be different. Use only the parts of that apply to your organization.

You can start small, get started quickly and then grow in maturity.

Only pay for what you actually use. For example, you have an incident registration process available, but you have no incidents, then this process is free! You are compliant with the GDPR, without having to pay for it.

Lightning-fast access to your data in

Kickstart GDPR and data security within your organization.

At first glance, onboarding on our platform seems like a lot of work: processing register, assets, policies, vendors, website scans, email scans, and so on. But nothing could be further from the truth. We built an automated process that enables your organization to be up and running on in no time.

Mapping your organization.

Quickly identify your organization on and manage everything through a well-organized dashboard.

  • Enter your basic contact information.
  • Users you can easily invite and assign the appropriate rights & roles.
  • Identify your suppliers with the greatest ease. If the supplier is already known in our system you only need to select it.
  • Choose the roles and services of your users and providers from a predefined list.
Quick onboarding for MSP's

Do you want to get started with for FREE for your organization or one of your customers?

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Do you want to get started with for FREE for your organization or one of your customers?
processing activities, assets, assessments, scans created automatically

All your data processing, assets, assessments, scans and policies in one simple process.

Experience the kickstart: minimal input in a clear process.

  • Choose which processing operations apply to your business and we will automatically create them for you!
  • Your suppliers are automatically linked to your processing operations based on the services you defined in the management of your organization. The necessary processing agreements are created automatically.
  • Inventory your data and we automatically create assessments for it.
  • Make an inventory of your websites and e-mail domains and we automatically create assessments and schedule automatic security scans.

Ready for easy GDPR and security management?

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Ready for easy GDPR and security management?