What you need to know about GDPR data processing agreements

Every organization works with external parties. A website developer, a computer vendor, a marketing agency, an accountant, … They all come into contact, or may come into contact, with the personal data you process. If they somehow do process that data, then a processor agreement or data processing agreement is mandatory within the GDPR.

Uniform and correct data processing agreements

It is best to make data processing agreements in a uniform way. That way you keep an overview, the roles and responsibilities are clear to everyone and you comply with the legal provisions set out in the GDPR, among others. Keep in mind that you will be processing personal data fairly quickly, for example, viewing contact details for an HR or commercial purpose is a processing in itself.

Suppliers and liability in GDPR data processing agreements

Suppliers often already have contractual appendices related to the GDPR. These are obviously drafted in favor of the editor. But as the data controller, you are personally liable for the data processing operations based on your information and instructions.

So as a data controller, you need to inform the data processor (your supplier) of the processing purposes and clearly instruct them regarding the processing of the personal data.

Automatically generate data processing agreements

Co-Dex.eu automatically generates your processing agreements. This will save you a lot of time.

  • Generated based on the role of the suppliers you link to a processing in your GDPR data processing register.
  • All information is always up-to-date in a general data processing template and a specific agreement per processing.
  • Comply with the principles of the Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC).
  • Renewed processing agreements can be automatically forwarded for signature to your suppliers and should be added to the contract.
  • Model agreements can be adapted according to your own needs.
  • Fully integrated and digitized management.
Processing agreements are generated automatically.

Do you need to have clear processing agreements that meet your GDPR & cybersecurity standards?

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Do you need to have clear processing agreements that meet your GDPR & cybersecurity standards?
All processing agreements visible on a dashboard

All processing agreements displayed in a convenient GDPR dashboard.

Your dashboard will show you the current situation within your organization at a glance.

  • Keep a close track of which suppliers you already have a data processing agreement for.
  • Get a notification when you need a data processing agreement but have not yet generated one.
  • Immediately see which type of data processing agreement has been created: data processor, data controller or joint controller.

Evaluate your suppliers' data processing agreements

Co-Dex.eu offers integrated processor agreements tailored to your organization. In addition, you can evaluate the contracts and addenda you receive from your suppliers with our convenient checklists.

  • Evaluate which guarantees are in place.
  • Evaluate roles and responsibilities.
  • Review data security expectations.
  • Review the GDPR data obligations.
  • Identify ambiguities in the contract.
  • As the liable party, define the basic principles and minimum standards for data security and empower your vendors to meet them in their own way.
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Ready to efficiently manage your processing agreements?