Release notes

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Your account is in safe hands

In May we rolled out a new authentication flow that provides an even easier and more secure log in experience. This is a very important step towards integration with other authentication mechanisms, such as the one of your own company for example.

Select the company you work for within in a user-friendly way

With our renewed company selection you can switch more easily between the different companies. To make sure you always have the right company at your fingertips, you can quickly choose between the companies you used most recently. If you want to switch to another company, you can easily find it through the filter functionality:

It’s easier to find your way with our new navigation

We have worked hard on our navigation to make sure you find everything you need within in a matter of seconds.

Only relevant data visible

We are taking a first step to make the most relevant data to your profile visible. We do this by closing all information as standard within processing operations, assessments, contracts, incidents, policy notes, etc. You can then unfold it according to your needs.

It goes without saying that this is only the start of a series of changes pointed towards relevancy.

Manage your account easily

We provided a new account management where you can manage everything abount your account yourself.

New Policies

  • Homeworking” policy, with the Covid pandemic and government measures, working from home has become a must. In many cases a convenience for companies and their employees that can be part of the new normal. In this policy, you clearly indicate the responsibilities and points of attention for employees who work from home but also remotely.
  • Acceptable Use” policy, clearly informing users of your systems such as employees and consultants who are given material or access to perform their tasks of the expected use and the reason for the accesses and the material.
  • Identity and access management” policy, good strong authentication is a first line to prevent unauthorized use of your services and information. In this policy we define the good practice policy that is supported by most technologies today.
  • Patching” policy, unpatched or up-to-date systems are one of the most common attack vectors to break into networks or more generally to hack or other unauthorized use of your systems and access to the information. Determining an update policy informs the person responsible for the maintenance of the systems what timely updating of your systems means.
  • Responsible Vulnerability Disclosure” policy where you, for example, inform security researchers how to report any security vulnerabilities. As always including the guidance of your webmaster and manager of the notifications.
  • Intellectual property” policy, your company has developed knowledge and created its own ways of working over time. If you have employees, users or partnerships with third parties, it is important that they know how to handle your intellectual property.

What’s next?

  • A renewed & easier to use onboarding process.
  • A renewed & easier to use incident registration process.
  • A more personalized experience.
  • Several new dashboards that provide useful overviews.
  • A renewed rights system.

If you have any idea’s for new functionalities, do not hesitate to contact us at

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